I bet Zeus became a lot more open-minded after having Athena.

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so some bullshit group is pissed about trans inclusion in school sports and they’re running this ad

and all I can think of is what a scary 14-year-old trans girl I was

ooga booga booga

Cis men are getting hormones when they don’t need them. Trans people need hormones and aren’t getting them. Just what’s going on here? Find out in the premiere episode of Gender Analysis, “Low T: A Tale of Two Hormones”. (Gender Analysis is supported by viewer pledges.)

Respect to Emma Watson and all, but..


I’m so sick of hearing “we’re your mothers, sisters, daughters,” etc. Fuck that. What do you think of when you hear those words? You think of women at home looking adoring and sweet. We’re more than that. We’re everywhere. We’re doctors and lawyers and senators. We’re business owners, day laborers, daycare workers, and shift workers at factories. We’re trash collectors, professors, IT professionals, and pilots. Doesn’t seem so fucking fair to pay us less now, does it? Doesn’t make so much fucking sense to talk about is in terms of “protecting” us, does it? 


nerd culture as a whole is a toxic pile of shit that prioritizes memorization of esoteric knowledge over critical engagement. if you try talking to most nerds about what vampires and zombies and magical girl anime stereotypes mean, what they reflect in the culture at large, their eyes gloss over until you mention some obscure fact from some obscure japanese horror film that they recognize and can feel validated in recognizing. yet the nerd culture at large wants to position itself as “intelligent” even though the intelligence that’s prized is the useless memorization and categorization of endless ephemera. nerds are fine but nerd culture is insufferable.

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Anonymous asked: ...take your dysphoria, and, uh... shove it up your... ass....? sounds like a good idea

It works well and also it’s pretty fun and makes me feel kind of high for the rest of the day

And trans porn is obviously a Complicated subject for a lot of reasons, but watching it, making my own, etc. actually makes me feel a lot better, because it’s a context where bodies like mine are accepted and wanted and valued specifically because of what they are, and that’s an incredibly uncommon thing to find

Y’know, one of those things where validation is so scarce that you find yourself scraping it up from a pervasively objectifying and misogynist society